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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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get right here waiting out of their head, just like you and me. >> it's an epic song. >> stephanie, thank you. that manhunt in berlin, federal police conducting an intense search for the person or people behind the deadly truck attack on a christmas market. isis media wing says isis is responsible but offered no proof. we'll have the latest live from berlin. in the trump administration, more potential conflicts of interest. this time, the controversy involves trump's two adult sons and a new charity promising special access to it is president-elect and his family in exchange for big donations. in north carolina, lawmakers are set to vote on whether to repeal the so-called bathroom bill. limiting the rights of some lgbt people. but the republican controlled legislature could vote to keep it. we're live on the ground in raleigh. and yes, '80s pop star richard marks being hailed as a hero after subduing a aggressive passenger on a korean air flight for four hours. we'll hear what he said about
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that passenger, who really, pardon the month, should have known better. coming to you live from msnbc headquarters in new york and developing right now, isis media wing claiming responsibility for monday night's deadly truck rampage at a christmas market in berlin, germany, describing the driver as a soldier of the islamic state though offering no evidence to back up that claim. a else did pradesperate search driver who killed 12 people and injured dozendozens. the man who had been arrested was released after they determined there was insufficient evidence to hold him. new security measures are being taken at buckingham palace in london. designed to prevent an attack like the one in berlin. roads around the palace now being closed whenever the changing of the guard ceremony is held because that ceremonial usually does attract big crowds of tourists. british authorities say they have a detailed plan to protect the public throughout celebrations across the uk.
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nbc's anne thomas joins us now live from berlin. anne, several german media tlets are reporting that authorities are searching for a tunisian man whose identification documents were found in the cab of that truck. what can you tell us about that and what can you tell us about the search in general? >> well, first of all, let's start with the search. it goes far beyond the city of berlin. we're told that authorities are looking not only just throughout this country of germany but throughout the continent of europe because you have to remember that the suspect has gotten at least a 24-hour jump on authorities because they spent all that time the first 24 hours after the attack focused on the pakistani man who they released last night. now u.s. intelligence officials confirm to nbc news german authorities are indeed focused on a trunisian man. because german media reports they found his identity papers
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in the cab of the truck. that's still no proof that he drove the truck. all it does is show that somehow his identity papers got into the cab of the truck. but they're doing other things as well. they have asked people who are at the scene to upload their videos and their cell phone photos to the german authorities so they can take a look at them. they don't want people posting them on social media in case there's some clue there. they're also look at cctv footage and of course going over the forensics they have found in the truck. so all of this is going on. in the meantime, berlin is slowly getting back to normal. today, the christmas markets reopened across the city. i was at one of them earlier today. and there was some nervousness. police were there inspecting people's bags before they went into the market. there were barricades at the entrance of the market. but i spoke to one shop owner and he said, look, we've had to come back to work because this is our time to make money. we've got a couple of more days to do it.
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it's very important to us. i said, are you a frafraid? he said, i just know i have to work. >> there's heightened tension between chancellor merkel and her opponents. there's been concern from the beginning about what they see as her irresponsible support of allowing a million refugees into the country. what's the political atmosphere like right now? >> as you can imagine, it is very polarized. as soon as the announcement was made or the news broke that a pakistani man, a refugee who had sought asylum, had been contained in connection with the truck disaster, there were a lot of people saying see, i told you so. the blood of the victims and the people who were injured, that's blood on chancellor's hands.
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other people saying you're jumping the gun, it is too premature. this is a suspect we do not know what role he may have played. but again this man is just a suspect at this point. authorities are not giving any details why they're looking at him beyond the media reports they found his identity papers. in the wake of the truck attack and the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey. retired lieutenant general mike flynn after appearing to get ahead of the investigation assigning blame. nbc's kristen welker joins me from the president-elect's mar a lago estate. the truth is, people are looking at this through a political lens.
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i'm wondering how this is being viewed within the trump camp. what do we expect? >> we saw on the campaign trail as a candidate, strong words in a series of tweets in the wake of those terrorist attacks. mr. trump tweeted, he was assassinated by a radical islamic terrorist and he called it a violation of all rules of civilized order. then in the wake of that berlin attack, he tweeted, isis and other islamist terrorist groups continue to slaughter christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad. these terrorists must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom loving partners. they're sort of getting ahead of the investigation, calling out names before investigators had determined who was behind these
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brutal attacks. as a candidate, that was quite successful. that's something his supporters want to hear from him. as a president-elect, it gets thornier. it is important to be careful with words. that's something the campaign and transition is saying this is the way he operates. it's not necessarily going to change as president. they stress the fact he is meeting with his national security adviser mike flynn today. he's also getting a presidential daily briefing. he's actually got be fewer of those daily briefings than you would typically expect of a president-elect. comes as flynn is coming under renewed scrutiny because he met with a far right group in austr austria. chris murphy weighed in on this. >> does it trouble you general flynn met with him and we only learned from a facebook posting of the afd?
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>> this is an incredibly disturbing meeting. it's not really surprising. flynn is a very dangerous character inside the white house. this is someone who regularly trades in conspiracy theories and is going to be sometimes the first and last person that president trump sees when he gets up and leaves the oval office at night. >> this all comes as president-elect trump continues to have meetings related to his transition. we were told today the real focus is going to be on national security. mike flynn continues to be a controversial figure. >> i want to bring in democratic congressman brad sherman of california. let me ask about what the president elect tweeted.
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the russian ambassador in ankara, where he blamed radical islamist terrorists. is this concern he's getting ahead of what the investigation shows? >> trump is going to be a shoot from the hip president. those who voted for him knew that. my guess is quite often he'll turn out to be right. he's saying what everybody in the world would tend to believe. maybe once or twice a year, he'll have to retract a tweet involving international affairs. from the standpoint of the state department, the way we've always done business, that's unacceptable. but the world i think understands. >> the argument he will make is the reason people elected him is because they find the way washington works to be unacceptable. and so maybe they want him to get his tough talk. do you think there's danger in it? >> i think that he'll be wrong some of the times because he'll
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act too quickly. on the other hand, there is an advantage to speaking frankly and immediately. i think the world will understand that when you see a trump tweet, you're not seeing weeks of state department meetings coming up with a locked in change of policy. you're hearing what the president elect or then president thinks. the fact is, the killer is obviously a terrorist. seems to be motivated by his own beliefs about islam and what's happening in syria. my guess is these two tweets will turn out to be correct. from a state department standpoint, they would act more slowly. >> obviously, he's made it very clear he thinks president obama, his administration, have not done enough to fight isis. a lot of his supporters cheer him at his rallies before and after the election.
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having said that, do you think it's an argument that resonates? when you see the series of attacks across europe over last year. >> i think obama had major successes in dealing with terrorism. first, we didn't have thousands of casualties in an unnecessary war. second, we got rid of syria's stockpile of chemical weapons. imagine how much worse it would have been if assad had somehow retained that huge stock of chemical weapons. when you look at trump's proposed policies, they seem close to those of obama except more corporation with russia and a lot more tough talk. the fact is that obama's talk is considerably mellower than george w. bush's.
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but there's been a lot more drone strikes and we got bin laden. so on the ground, not talking, not posturing but actually acting, obama's been pretty touch. >> you could argue we don't know going into new administrations is who on the foreign policy team will be the person who has the president's ear. and sometimes those are relationships that develop. but since you brought up the state department and how -- the way trump has been responding to this is different than what they'd like. i want to ask you what you think about tillerson. a lot of people are expecting a big fight. should there be? >> well, the fight is not so much about the man but about what our policy's going to be about russia. you're talking about a republican senate and the republican party has been the anti-russia party in this country since the 1930s. and continuously even after the soviet union fell. when you have a man who has been
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against sanctions, against russia and against sanctions policy in general when it's sanctions punished iran to the point where we got some concussions. it's anti-russia, willing to impose sanctions and tillerson seems to be on the other side of that. the so-called bathroom bill up for debate. lawmakers are set to repeal the law but republicans could push back. we'll have the latest. and what it means for the state's economy. in mexico, an explosion at a fireworks market has killed dozens of people. officials trying to identify the cause of the disaster. we'll have a live report from the site. generosity is its own form of power.
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finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. happening now lawmakers debate whether to repeal hb 2 also known as the bathroom bill it it is a controversial law known for limiting which types of bathrooms transgenders people are allowed to use. the special session called to consider the law. it's been stand room only in the house chambers. these pictures from our nbc affiliate in charlotte. the law sparked a nationwide backlash with some major performers canceling concerts, sporting events were cancelled,
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conventions. all pulled out of the state. and that meant millions of dollars were pulled out of the state as well. msnbc's mariana ortenso is at the statehouse. they're on a break now, is that right? >> they're on a break until 11:45. we do know 105 house members are present. that means quorum has been met and they will only need 50 votes to repeal. i'm here with a reverend. you head the statewide naacp. you told me just now that every civil rights group should be here. >> either labor union, anybody concerned about workers rights. this bill was never really about bathrooms. inside, three parts of it attacked the transgender community. but the other five parts say a city cannot raise its wages to a
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living rage without approval of the general assembly. it also took away the ability of citizens, straight citizens, religious citizens, to file employment discrimination cases in state court. this is the worst attack on civil rights and labor rights and lgbtq rights in the nation from a state legislature. and i want to encourage the media not to get caught up in this trickery. the republicans are good, say things like they'll call the bill a voter integrity bill. so they put the bathroom piece out there. claimed they were doing it for moral reasons. no, this was an attack on worker's rights, an attack on civil rights. and an attack on the lgbt community. >> if it is repealed, will it have been worth it in. >> charlotte should have never had to repeal a good bill.
8:20 am
the bill is unconstitutional. there is this law that's been around since 1868, equal protection under the law for all. it does not say if you're not transgender, if you're white, black. for all. i think people should still consider how they come to north carolina. look at the last year, this is still a bad legislature. >> the fact charlotte had to repeal its ordinance -- >> hb 2 was bad. was the wrong bill. it's unconstitutional. it wasn't just about bathrooms. this laejsly the shower have never passed it. in protecting civil rights in order to -- now, i'm glad it's gonna be gone but the same
8:21 am
legislature has to decide we care about the civil rights of all people, that we believe in living wages. and we will protect people's right to sue in the courts over discrimination. >> saying the democrats are pushing this idea of identity politics. but you look at governor cooper. debra ross lost her senate seat. do you think this idea of identity politics is working? >> that's a misnomer. that's something started by the republican. let's flip that over. they kept 158 less voting sites in north carolina which is one of the reasons the vote total was low. we won the governor's race. we won the ag's race. we won the state supreme court by 350,000 votes. it's not about what they call identity politics. dealing with race and class are part of american's value system. we have a moral movement here
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that's bringing together blacks and latinos. that's what turned the tide in north carolina. it was that they were wrong on medicaid expansion. and they were wrong in attacking people and it's showing we can win in the south when we deal with interlocking justice and we deal with intersectional politics that takes on the issue of race and class. we can win in the south. >> thank you so much, reverend. i know tam ron appreciates your time with us today. chris jansing appreciates the time here today. chris, we are hearing inside the floor some gop are calling this special session unconstitutional and we will know whether that has an effect on the voting later today. >> mariana thank you so much, interesting interview for sure. meantime, the dow flirting with an historic 20,000 mark. what it could mean for markets in the new year.
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we're watching closely the story developing now. wall street, the dow industrial average hovering near the 20,000 milestone. take a look at the latest numbers. virtually unchanged. yesterday the headlines were coming fast and furious. because the dow came within 13 points of 20,000. msnbc host and correspondent ali velshi joins me now. i think a charles schwab executive described it accurately when he said there's a psychological impact to this number of 20,000. other than that, what does it mean? >> first, not only is it the number but the idea that the dow has the board we just looked at. if you have a 401k, your investments are probably in something that emulates the s&p 500, not the dow. the dow is just 30 stocks. the s&p 500 is 500 stocks. these 30 stocks that make up the dow we're staring at is -- they sort of represent the vast array of american business.
8:27 am
and so people use that as a bammer it bam er barometer of how the stock market is. it should remind you to take a look at your own investments because on average over the history of doubt it returns 5.3% per year. take a look. i think we have an indication of what it's done this year. we're at 14.8% this year alone. >> wow. >> so your typical increase is 5.3. you're at 14. some people would take that to say i better sell. others take that to say this is amazing. >> if you sell, where do you go, it's not like you can go to bonds, interest rates. >> there are no interest rates everywhere else. it's what is called a tino world, there are no alternatives. the average investor who doesn't do this doesn't know when to get back in because you're waiting for some event to happen. when that event is a 500 point
8:28 am
drop in the dow, most people don't say, you know, where you would see a sale and you go buy sweaters at a discount, most people don't jump into the stock market at a discount. >> i could be totally off base but the average investor doesn't really pay attention at all -- >> no, i think that's true. >> their money is in a 401k, with whoever runs it for their company and they just sort of hope that the folks there know what they're doing. >> right, that's something we should get away from. we should think of this as a dental checkup. know how to log on. if you have a 401k. you can go to any of 1 million websites and do a rich tolerance questionnaire, just questions about how much risk you like and it will spit out a pie chart. >> here's my argument because i've heard this before. the argument is this. yes, i go in and listen to my doctor but ultimately i'm not a surgeon. i'm not a doctor. and i'm going to say to him at some point what would you do if
8:29 am
it was you. and that's kind of like what i think a lot of people do. so the point is over time we know the average person has a life-span and you can increase it by doing certain things. the average return is 5.3% a year. if you follow basic rules and diversify, you'll probably get that. you could do better if you want to put more into it. more energy into looking into it. we're not going to be finance experts. my point is you should think to yourself are you happy with that 14.8%. do you think the stock market's going to go higher or lower. does your portfolio represent what you chose it to represent when you went in. are you at lead on target. that's the question. the stock market does go up over time whether donald trump was president or hillary clinton was president or anybody else was president. over time, the stock market goes up. >> ali, thank you. next, we're going to the site of that deadly explosion at the fireworks market in mexico. that open air market was busier
8:30 am
because of the holidays. dozens of people have been killed. officials now searching for answ answers. we've got more on that. next. to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust...
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five crew members are dead and another hospitalized after a cargo plane crash in colombia. this shows the aftermath of the crash which happened just three minutes after takeoff. the plane was seen tilting to one side and veering off the run way as it tempted to lift off the ground. still no word though on what caused the crash. that deadly crash comes just weeks after 71 passengers were killed in a separate disaster. wiping out a brazilian football team. meantime, authorities trying to figure out what caused a massive explosion that rimmed through a popular fireworks market outside of mexico city. that's just unbelievable. at least 31 people have been
8:34 am
killed. more than injureld as a result of those explosions. i understand there's quite a few people missing. what can you tell us? >> we have at least 32 people missing. it may be just 31 now because i was just talking to somebody as she was getting word on her phone they had identified her loved one. it may be we have at least 32 people. so an understanding of what the marketplace looks like. it's devastation. truly does look like it has been levelled by a bomb. we know from the witnesses here that first explosion of fireworks and, remember, there are about 300 stalls here and most of these stalls sold fireworks. that first stall, when it blew up, it was a chain reaction. that first one being the largest
8:35 am
one. then one, then another, then another. in all, six explosions here. some people tell me they had an opportunity to try and run as fast as they could. others were frozen in fear, uncertain of what they should do, because they didn't really expect this. they're not sure how this first happened. but just a short distance from where i'm standing now, family members who want to know about their loved ones had started to gather. there's police around them. a lot of crying. a lot of hugging. a lot of waiting. waiting to find out if somehow in the chaos those who -- they can't find right now ran a different direction and just haven't connected so far. some people posting photographs on facebook and other social media saying have you seen my loved ones. i just spoke to a young man who says he's looking for a 12-year-old, a 9-year-old and a 50-year-old who were all there. he said he never slept. he's been here all night. when he saw the explosions, he was so anxious for his family he
8:36 am
tried to run in to get them but he couldn't make it in. the vibrations of this they say not only they could feel in their bodies but the structures, they could feel them in the walls, things on shelves collapsing a block away. when you understand after look at those pictures, you see just how devastated it is, you get an idea how tremendous the explosion is here. we have seen the authorities going through with cadaver dogs trying to see if they could find perhaps the right mains of some though died here. family members even if they've lost a loved one tell me they want to know where they are. they want to know indeed they were there. the worst thing they say at this point is to somehow just wonder and wonder where are they. while it's a grim task, the authorities recognize finding those who are in the rubble here is important to those who right now in this really tragic situation are waiting to find
8:37 am
out what happened to their loved ones. >> daunting task as well. kerry, thank you so much. up next, an exclusive report on donald trump and where his defense priorities stand.
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at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party.
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just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? russia may well not be one of president-elect trump's top defense priorities. according to a pentagon memo obtain exclusively by foreign policy magazine. shows the trump administration does have a four point priority list. it includes isis but ignores russia. joining me now, one of the reporters who initially obtained that memo. thanks for joining us. i don't have to go over sort of the laundry list. this is a country obviously that occupied much of the world's attention with crimea and ukraine, now once again with the hacking. we could go on and on. what did you think when you first got this memo? >> well, my colleague john
8:41 am
hudson and paul mccleary were involved in this story heavily. the memo sort of confirm es a l of speculation and questions about what -- how the trump administration will treat russia and how it will approach russia. because given the campaign rhetoric, trump avoided criticizing vladimir putin, although he had many opportunities to criticize him. so there's been -- and now this nomination for secretary of state rex tillerson. the head of exxon. there's a lot of speculation that the trump administration might change course when it comes to u.s. policy on russia and possibly lift sanctions on russia. so this memo seemed to confirm some of those suspicions. >> so you talk about him being on the campaign trail. he has talked about russia, been asked about russia repeatedly. let me play something i think is indicative of what he has said repeatedly. this is from this past summer. take a listen. >> wouldn't it be nice if we
8:42 am
actually did get along with russia? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice if russia and a couple of others went out and knocked the hell out of isis and knocked them off -- >> does this just confirm essentially what he's been saying all along on the campaign trail? he's been focused on isis and certainly over last 24 hours or so since we've been seeing, he's been very active on twitter. or is it as some aides suggested a memo not quite complete? that's right, his aides will say this is not a comprehensive list. this was just some basic points they're discussing with pentagon officials. they did hold meetings with pentagon officials about russia so they were briefed on russia. i think the question remains, given the types of comments that
8:43 am
trump made during the campaign, there is a real question. there are democrats in congress saying it will be delayed action on some sanctions on russia in this -- in the lame duck session. so i think there's a question mark here. now the memo is only one piece of, you know, information and james mattis, the nominee for the secretary of defense, has not taken office yet. his team is not in place. certainly this memo has kind of reinforced questions and concerns about where u.s. foreign policy will go when it comes to russia. >> dan deluce, thank you for coming on the program.
8:44 am
the trump transition team pushing back against new questions about potential conflicts of interest involving his inauguration. joining me, nbc news political editor mark murray. you've got this charity apparently. some connection between the two trump sons. what can you tell us about it? well, the two older trump sons of course, not barren. >> this is an inaugural event for the whole week of january 20 when trump gets inaugurated. in a brochure first obtained by tmz, you end up having a situation where both trump sons would end up going hunting with people for the cool price of up to $1 million contribution as well as having access with the president-elect himself. now, when this story ended up getting reported in the center for public ining at the get, when this was reported, the trump campaign pushed back and
8:45 am
said the trump sons were never involved in this and that this wasn't going on. here is the rub on this entire story. the incorporation of this nonprofit had eric trump's name as well as donald trump jr.'s name attached. it is worth noting the brochure ended up getting revised. it hits the pay for play narrative donald trump railed against during the campaign against hillary clinton. >> we've heard them on programs here on msnbc suggesting donald trump, you won, time to move on. but there was a little bait, we have to say, put out there by former president obama. but it seems that donald trump cannot stop replaying what happened in the election. tell us a little about this
8:46 am
latest series of tweets. >> donald trump ended up issuing three different tweets. talking about how he didn't win the popular vote. and basically saying on the one hand the game was always set up to win the electoral college. that's more difficult than winning the popular vote. also pointing out he ended up winning on the cheap. that hillary clinton and her campaign spent so much more money. as you and i know very well, it's the electoral college that wins you the presidency. but donald trump, there is certainly more than the historical footnote. something that really we haven't seen in the country since 1876. where the winner of the electoral college loses the popular vote by that much. it certainly has gotten under his skin. where he takes to twitter trying to explain away why he lost the popular vote. >> we're trying to figure out what his and his children's relationship are going to be to
8:47 am
the business. there is an agreement now between trump international hotels and the bar workers union. what are the implications? >> it still points to how problem it is that he hasn't turned over his business. but still there is a situation where his business is cutting deals not only with unions but politically active unions. this shows you why it is so difficult and problematic for someone who has a big business empire. as he is now about to take the office and all the conflicts of interests that could end up presenting. we're talking about the deals with unions. we're not even talking about foreign countries and their diplomats staying at the trump international hotel in
8:48 am
washington, d.c. and other places and that is why so many ethics people have said the easiest thing for donald trump to do is just liquidate, to divest completely from his businesses, which he hasn't done and i don't think he will do. >> mark murray, always good to talk to you, thank you. 1980s pop star richard marx is known for megahits now and forever, hold on to the nights. but yesterday he was holding on to an aggressive airplane passenger in flight for about four hours. we'll have the story. this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks
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it was an absolutely wild scene in midair tuesday when flight attendants tried to subdue an unruly passenger during a flight to south korea. giving a hand, 80s pop singer richard marx. check out the photos posted by his wife daisy fuentes showing the passenger tied up, marx holding the rope used to restrain the man. you cannot make this stuff up. it had to be absolutely terrifying to be on the plane. then you have to wonder if people are saying, is that richard marx? the whole story is crazy. >> absolutely. fortunately, richard marx and daisy are back home safe in los angeles. they have been posting out pictures on twitter that show the fight they say lasted four hours. >> reporter: a mid-air melee. flight attendants trying to
8:53 am
contain a passenger that was belligerent getting a hand from richard marx. the singer/songwriter behind songs like "right here waiting" -- ♪ i will be right here waiting for you ♪ in pictures posted to his wife's facebook page he's seen holding a rope used to tie up the passenger. other pictures show flight attendants with a taser struggling to keep the violent passenger in his seat. fuentes writing a guy in the next row got crazy and started attacking the flight attendants and passengers. when he started attacking the female staff and pulling them by the hairy archdiocese was the first to help subdue him. marx and fuentes were flying to korea from vietnam where marx performed some of the hits that made him famous. ♪ i will be your man >> reporter: on the plane, no one was seriously injured. marx criticized korean air
8:54 am
flight attendants for the response to the midair disturbance writing the all female crew was clueless and not trained how to restrain this psycho. fuentes saying they didn't know how to use the taser or secure the rope around him. korean air saying the flight attendant didn't fire the taser as the unruly passenger was moving around and there were other passengers near him. the flight attendant considers the safety of the passengers. korean air sincerely appreciates mr. marx's help in restraining the unruly passenger. we are grateful for his participation and assistance. back in l.a., marx took to twitter saying he is not a hero adding he did what i hope anyone would do in the same situation. chris, get this. after all of that when the plane landed airport police who were able to detain the passenger but they let him go. we understand local police are picking up the investigation. a little bit ago richard marx on
8:55 am
twitter said back on this day in 1991, "keep coming back" reached number one on the bill board ac chart. now marx might be making a come back. chris? >> take advantage when you can. >> absolutely. >> they let the guy go? >> yeah. i imagine there is a lot of pressure now with everything that's spread on social media and all over the internet. >> yeah. >> those local cops in seoul will definitely taking a close look at the case. >> if i were on the plane i would be upset about that. thank you for that. >> we are expecting video. daisy fuentes said they would be posting video of the altercation. we have reached out to the reps but no response so far. >> thank you very much.
8:56 am
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we have a happy update on the 7-year-old girl who was part of the syrian refugee crisis. now safe. tweeting out pictures with turkey's president this morning. here she is with her brother on president erdogan's lap. they were evacuated on sunday. she's been tweeting about life under siege in a war zone since september described by the washington post as our era's anne frank. we are happy she's okay. thanks for watching this hour. i'm chris jansing in for tamron hall. right now on msnbc, "andrea mitchell reports." hello. >> thank you, chris. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," manhunt. german officials make an urgent plea for help in the search of this man whose picture was just released. two days after the deadly attack on a berlin christmas market. heightened security at landmarks across europe.
9:00 am
>> i'm not worried about going to buckingham palace or parliament. >> i feel confident with the security guards around. i'm just going to enjoy my vacation. mexican fireworks. 31 killed at a blast at a popular market outside mexico city. still no all-clear. [ explosions ] and the bathroom battle. after losing millions in sports and cancelled deals politicians fight over trans gender rights. >> repairing the image of north carolina requires the repeal of hb-2 and then to begin the important conversation of how we are protecting all north carolina yans. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in


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